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Nextdoor’s approach to content moderation doesn’t always work | David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The problem with Facebook’s attempt to be more like Nextdoor

Rebecca Heilweil


Facebook is becoming a bit more like Nextdoor in an effort to boost its groups feature. The only problem is that Facebook appears to be borrowing one of Nextdoor’s more controversial concepts: giving more power to community moderators.

Photo: Jonathan Heisler

Society Toxic Polarization Feeds on Simplicity. Peter Coleman Offers Complexity as a Way Out

Heather Graci

The Behavioral Scientist

Peter Coleman illuminates how we can break the cycle of mutual contempt and why the political divides that seem so intractable do not have to be.

Three panelists at the podium, from Nudgestock 2021

Nudgestock 2021 – Full Live Stream

Ogilvy Consulting

Ogilvy Consulting is the can't-miss festival where creativity and behavioural science intersect. It's a day to think differently. The annual festival, curated by Ogilvy Consulting, features a wonderfully eclectic mix of talks and case studies from some of the leading thinkers and practitioners in the worlds of behavioural science, marketing and creativity.

"Google and MIT prove social media can slow the spread of fake news"

Google and MIT prove social media can slow the spread of fake news

Mark Wilson

Fast Company

Jigsaw and MIT have published a new study that proves sharing misinformation can be thwarted with a simple UX fix.

Instagram’s new Hide Likes user interface

What Instagram really learned from hiding like counts

Casey Newton

The Platformer

After more than two years of testing, today Instagram announced [that]... removing likes doesn’t seem to meaningfully depressurize Instagram, for young people or anyone else, and so likes will remain publicly viewable by default.