Release Notes
February 21, 2021

Release notes v 0.3

February 2021 Patch Notes

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February 2021 Patch Notes


  • Ongoing graphic update work, converting .pngs to .svg to clean up presentation.
  • Increased Title font sizes
  • New links and overall optimization of the footer.

Library Entries

  • Added widget to the Citation pages
  • Optimized display of sample size ranges
  • Citations now differentiate between 'Intervention Specific Research' and 'Contextual Research' as a kicker above each Citation's title. Intervention Specific Research refers to studies on the intervention itself, whereas Contextual Research refers to anything else. This is subject to change.

Pending Updates

The following updates are in the works:

  • Adding images and illustrations to the body of our About page, overall copy improvements
  • An 'Our Team' page
  • New intervention additions to the Library

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